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The most common medical malpractice claims

Posted by Frank Piscitelli | Oct 18, 2019 | 0 Comments

When doctors make mistakes, it can do more harm than almost any other profession. Some Ohio doctors may find themselves facing claims of negligent behavior when a patient suffers.

Proving negligence is the foundational element required in medical malpractice cases. You may believe that the most common claims occur because of surgical errors, but this is not the case. At Piscitelli Law Firm, our dedicated team works hard to help those affected by the most common mistakes doctors make: A missed or failed diagnosis. Here is some insight into how this happens and what can help.

When a doctor fails to diagnose

When a patient goes to the doctor, that physician has a duty to listen to the patient's concerns and look for signs of illness. Even if a doctor cannot diagnose on the spot, further tests and perhaps referrals may point the provider in the direction of a proper one. The most common malpractice claims occur when doctors fail to diagnose a condition because they dismiss the concerns of the patient. A doctor may reach a conclusion and diagnose the patient; however, it may wind up erroneous. Either of these occurrences may lead the patient to endure unnecessary pain and suffering and in some cases, death.

Proving negligence 

When doctors do not perform their jobs successfully, it may result in a patient's decline. Both misdiagnosis and failure to diagnose fall squarely on the shoulders of the doctor. Proving the doctor was negligent may fall to an expert witness. This person is another doctor of the same specialty who, after reviewing the medical records, concludes that the treating physician was negligent.

Medical malpractice cases can cost you time away from your family and even your life. For more information on this topic, please visit our website.

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