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The personal injury or wrongful death attorney you hire today can determine your future. You need to make sure the lawyer you hire has the time, experience and resources to give your case the attention it deserves.

Frank Can Help

Frank Piscitelli has spent the last 30 years focusing almost exclusively on wrongful death and serious injury cases. Frank purposely limits his case load so that he can personally handle your case with the focus and resources your case deserves. Frank is not looking for a quick settlement, but instead is dedicated to getting his clients the justice they deserve.

Practice Areas

Vehicles after colliding on the road with visible damage to them.
Car Accidents
A motorcyclist's helmet lies empty on the ground at the site of an accident.
Motorcycle Accidents
Industrial Accidents
A stethoscope lies next to a gavel.
Medical Malpractice
A person weeps over a loss in a wrongful death case.
Wrongful Death
A bottle of defective pills spills out onto a table.
Defective Products

Why Choose Frank

  • always be honest with you about the strengths and weaknesses of your case;

  • personally meet with you and witnesses to discover the best course of action;

  • dedicate the time and resources to maximize your recovery;

  • assemble a unique team of experts specifically for your case;

  • provide his personal cell phone number so you can reach him directly;
  • promptly respond to your call and inquiries; and,

  • fight for you with the dedication and passion that you and your family deserve.

Results You Deserve

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No Upfront Fees or Expenses

With Frank Piscitelli as your lawyer, you do not pay any legal fees or case expenses until money is recovered for you or on your behalf.

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To see if your case qualifies as one of the limited cases Frank Piscitelli takes, contact the Piscitelli Law Firm for a free case evaluation.

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