For families with loved ones in an Ohio nursing home, worries about the quality of the care being offered are common. While you expect a facility to go above and beyond when caring for residents, the truth is that many homes leave a lot to be desired. To ensure your relative is well cared for, Next Avenue offers the following signs that a nursing home may be neglectful.

Frequent injuries

Minor bumps and bruises are common for people who have problems with mobility. However, if your loved one is constantly sustaining unexplained injuries it’s time to have a sit down with the staff. Bed sores are just one major concern, as they signal nursing home staff is not doing their part to properly care for bedridden residents. Also, be wary of things like broken bones. This indicates that residents are not receiving proper support while getting around.

Emotional problems

While not all emotional or psychological problems point to a poor nursing home, sudden onset of depression or anxiety should be cause for alarm, especially if your loved one never before experienced these issues. An abusive staff can make residents afraid to speak out, and this fear often manifests itself in psychological issues. If you notice your loved one is acting differently, talk to them about their experiences to gain further insight.

Lack of sanitation

Along with caring for residents, nursing home staff must also make sure the facility is sanitary. A lack of sanitation in resident rooms and communal areas is a real issue. Not only does it degrade a person’s quality of life, it can also result in severe health issues for people whose immune system is already compromised.