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You Deserve Compensation For Defective And Dangerous Drugs

Prescription drugs can make a world of difference in our physical and mental well-being. Unfortunately, these drugs do not always work as they should. Defective or dangerous drugs can have life-altering effects. An aggressive attorney can fight for your due compensation.

At Piscitelli Law Firm, we can help you determine if your claim is valid. Attorney and founder Frank Piscitelli has over 25 years of experience counseling in defective drugs, malpractice and other related liability cases.

Faulty Drugs Can Have Serious Consequences

It is quite possible your injury or negative side effect is no personal fluke. Many faulty drugs are a result of pharmaceutical companies' failures to properly manufacture, test and produce these drugs safely. Zoloft, for example, is an antidepressant that has been known for its negative effects on the mental health of children and young adults. Viagra, the popular erectile dysfunction drug, has been tied to injuries as extreme as sudden vision loss. Birth control pills are also not exempt from defectiveness. There are cases tying blood clots, strokes and heart attacks to Yaz—Bayer's birth control drug.  

Damage to your mental or physical health is nothing to take lightly. These injuries can affect you—and your wallet—for the long term. If you or a loved one experienced negative effects from prescription drug, you may have a case. Frank Piscitelli knows how to approach these personal injury and medical malpractice cases. He is prepared to fight for your best interests – visit our results page to see how he has helped others.

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