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Factors In Ambulance Crashes

Ambulance accidents can be especially dangerous. These vehicles travel at a high rate of speed, and the nature of emergencies can cause a driver not to see pedestrians or other vehicles such as motorcycles, cars, trucks or bicycles. The emergency workers themselves also can be injured due to dangerous road conditions. Here are some other factors that contribute to ambulance crashes:

  • Intersections: Ambulance collisions frequently occur here as the vehicles travel through red lights during emergency use.
  • Loss of control: Drivers not being able to navigate a turn in high speeds has resulted in loss of control, as well as overcorrecting.
  • Wet and icy roads: Road conditions contribute to a number of crashes involving emergency vehicles, but the outcomes can be much worse, again, because of the speed involved and the size of the vehicles.

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If you have been involved in an accident with an ambulance, our personal injury attorneys can help to ensure that the driver and ambulance company are held liable for any negligence on their part that resulted in your injuries. We will hire a professional to investigate the accident scene in order to determine fault and defend you against any claims that you were partially to blame.

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