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Risks caused by a herniated disk after a car accident

Being involved in a car accident can bring about injuries that are obvious, but sometimes the damage may not be immediately noticeable. Injuries that you may not feel right away can develop into detrimental health problems later, resulting in medical bills that an insurance company may cover if the other party was responsible for the accident. In more severe cases you might consider filing a lawsuit, which you must do within two years from the accident, according to section 2305.10 of Ohio's [...]

By |October 23, 2019|Blog|

Winter driving tips for better defensive driving

Even when drivers in Ohio do everything they can to keep themselves safe, there are still others on the road who may not take the same precautions. This leaves even the safest of drivers at risk of serious injury or even death because of the negligence and lack of care of another driver. To improve defensive driving as the winter months come on, the roads get worse and the conditions get harsher, it is important that all drivers take extra [...]

By |October 22, 2019|Blog|

Ohio’s tactics to crack down on distracted driving

Ohio police do not take distracted driving lightly. It has become an epidemic plaguing roadways throughout the country, and police want to save as many lives as possible. Recently, the police started taking to the sky to help crackdown on drivers driving while distracted. The staff at Piscitelli Law Firm want to help protect you from those who insist on driving when they should not. We believe that police need to continue their efforts to make the roads a safer [...]

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The most common medical malpractice claims

When doctors make mistakes, it can do more harm than almost any other profession. Some Ohio doctors may find themselves facing claims of negligent behavior when a patient suffers. Proving negligence is the foundational element required in medical malpractice cases. You may believe that the most common claims occur because of surgical errors, but this is not the case. At Piscitelli Law Firm, our dedicated team works hard to help those affected by the most common mistakes doctors make: A missed or [...]

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Hospital settles for $13 million to avoid wrongful death lawsuits

An Ohio physician charged with murdering 25 patients may have caused the hospital that he worked at to find itself facing potentially catastrophic lawsuits. WBNS-10TV's investigative team uncovered that Mount Carmel Health System paid nearly $13 million in settlements to various families to prevent wrongful death lawsuits over one of its doctor's allegedly fatal actions. Through its former critical care intensivist, 35 near-death patients purportedly received excessive amounts of pain medication while in the ICU. Prosecutors accused the doctor of administering fentanyl [...]

By |September 6, 2019|Blog|

When should you seek a second opinion?

If you live in Ohio and you have been diagnosed with an illness by a doctor, there are several valid reasons to seek a second opinion. Doctors are not exempt from making mistakes and there are even times where you simply get along better with another physician. Recommendations and findings can vary from doctor to doctor, and you can get a second opinion, so you are comfortable with not only your diagnosis, but also your treatment plan. Verywellhealth gives several reasons [...]

By |August 26, 2019|Blog|

The risks of asphyxia neonatorum

At Piscitelli Law Firm in Ohio, we understand that birth injuries can be some of the most distressing events families may experience, particularly when the outcome affects the child's health for the rest of his or her life. Your doctor has a duty of care to identify risk factors that could harm your baby. According to Healthline, four of every 1,000 full-term infants do not get enough oxygen during the birth process, a condition known as asphyxia neonatorum. A very brief lack [...]

By |August 14, 2019|Blog|

Why do some seniors keep silent about pain?

The elderly are particularly vulnerable to exploitation and abuse, which means if you have a loved one in an Ohio nursing home, you should pay special attention to any sign that your relative is suffering. Unfortunately, some seniors are not always forthcoming about physical pains and aches, which could be the result of inadequate care from caregivers or other forms of mistreatment. Aging Care points out that some seniors relish talking about their pains in the hopes of garnering sympathy for their [...]

By |July 26, 2019|Blog|

When uninsured drivers cause accidents in Ohio

Although every car accident causes stress and uncertainty, auto insurance takes some doubt away from these situations. When an at-fault driver has insurance, the victim has a straightforward path to receiving compensation for property damage and injuries. This is why Ohio law requires every motorist to have proof of financial responsibility. The most common way for Ohio drivers to prove financial responsibility is by purchasing insurance. But when drivers do not have coverage and cause collisions, it can leave victims with [...]

By |July 9, 2019|Blog|

Injuries and death after recent car accident

There are laws against driving while impaired or under the influence in Ohio, but the reality is that those laws are not always obeyed. There are times when one person makes a wrong choice and someone else pays the price. In some cases, the price can even be the life of a passenger of the car. This appears to be the situation in a recent accident in Cincinnati, according to WCPO. Two occupants of a vehicle were taken to the University [...]

By |July 1, 2019|Blog|

What are the risk factors for premature birth?

If a mother in Ohio gives birth prior to week 37 of her pregnancy, her baby is premature. Premature birth puts a baby at risk of long-term complications, like cerebral palsy and retinopathy of prematurity. The earlier the birth occurs, the greater the chance of complications. Therefore, you may wonder what causes premature birth and what, if anything, you can do to prevent it. According to the Mayo Clinic, anyone has the potential to give birth prematurely, and the cause is [...]

By |June 27, 2019|Blog|

What is meconium aspiration syndrome?

About 5% to 10% of babies born in Ohio can experience meconium aspiration syndrome, a serious birth complication that can impact your newborn's health immediately. Prompt diagnosis and treatment is key to prevent respiratory issues and possible infant death. Late in pregnancy, an unborn baby's intestines start producing dark green fecal matter called meconium. During the first few days of life, it is normal for a newborn to pass meconium stools. However, sometimes a fetus will pass meconium while still [...]

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