Motor vehicle collisions occur for countless reasons in Ohio, and many victims’ lives are never the same afterward. Losing the ability to walk, struggling with severe pain, sustaining brain damage and facing extreme financial hardships are just some of the serious challenges that accident victims face. Moreover, these hardships are especially common in accidents that involve high speeds. The Piscitelli Law Firm knows how tough life is for many car accident victims and we understand how important it is for victims to stand up for their rights. Many are able to recover (at least in terms of their finances) by holding a negligent driver accountable in the courtroom.

Recovering from a high-speed accident is often especially hard. When one driver is traveling very fast, or both vehicles are moving at a high speed when the collision occurs, those involved are particularly likely to suffer broken bones and other serious injuries. Of course, many lives are lost in these crashes as well, which leads to permanent emotional pain and financial hardship for the loved ones that people leave behind.

From accidents that occur on the freeway to rural roads that involve a driver going over the speed limit, there are many ways in which high-speed accidents happen. Sometimes, these accidents are the result of illegal street racing. After a high-speed crash, victims often feel lucky to survive the collision. However, they must not overlook their legal options and strategies that will assist in their recovery. On our car crashes page, we discuss some other issues that are relevant to traffic crashes involving high speeds.