Ohio police do not take distracted driving lightly. It has become an epidemic plaguing roadways throughout the country, and police want to save as many lives as possible.

Recently, the police started taking to the sky to help crackdown on drivers driving while distracted. The staff at Piscitelli Law Firm want to help protect you from those who insist on driving when they should not. We believe that police need to continue their efforts to make the roads a safer place for everyone.

Statistics tell a startling tale 

In over 13,000 motor vehicle crashes, distracted driving of some sort was a factor. While texting and using a cellphone are the most commonly discussed distractions behind the wheel, other things such as conversing with passengers, using a navigation system and eating also qualify. Catching offenders in the act is difficult from the ground, but from the air, new technology may help.

Taking to the sky to see drivers in action 

Airplanes can help nab drivers breaking traffic laws. Officers first clock a suspect and catch him or her speeding. Then, using a specialty infrared camera, they hone in on the movements of the driver from above. This data becomes useful in proving the person was driving and distracted. The police in the plane radio down to waiting patrol officers on the ground so they can pull the driver over.

Using electronics while driving is illegal for drivers under 18 years old. For those over that age, it is an offense after a driver commits another traffic infraction. If you want to check out more on motor vehicle crashes, take a look through our website for helpful information.