If you live in Ohio and you have been diagnosed with an illness by a doctor, there are several valid reasons to seek a second opinion. Doctors are not exempt from making mistakes and there are even times where you simply get along better with another physician. Recommendations and findings can vary from doctor to doctor, and you can get a second opinion, so you are comfortable with not only your diagnosis, but also your treatment plan.

Verywellhealth¬†gives several reasons you may want to get a second opinion. If you have been diagnosed by your doctor and gone through a treatment plan but your symptoms still exist, it may be time to seek another doctor’s opinion. You are not required to live with discomfort or chronic pain just because one doctor did not treat your condition properly.

If you get a diagnosis of a disease that is extremely rare, you may want to seek a second opinion. Some diseases and conditions are so rare that there is little research about them and the treatment options. Every year the National Organization for Rare Disorders reports that there are 7,000 new disorders discovered.

If the treatment is invasive, involves surgery, has lifelong consequences or is risky, you should also seek a second opinion. Just because a doctor suggests a procedure or treatment does not mean it is the only way to treat your condition or that it is the right thing to do. Any time your body or health is at risk, you should be armed with as much information as possible before making any decisions.

Finally, you can seek a second opinion for no other reason than your gut tells you something is off. You know your body better than anyone and you are free to obtain as much information as possible before making any decisions about it.

This is for educational purposes and should not be interpreted as legal advice.