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Will My Personal Injury Case Cost ME ANYTHING?

Posted by Frank Piscitelli | Apr 07, 2017 | 0 Comments

You are already stressed enough after an accident or injury, and the last thing you need to worry about is paying for the legal fees involved in getting your settlement. Here at Piscitelli Law Firm, we don't get paid unless you do.

Our firm works on a contingency basis. That means when we agree to represent a client, we will be paid from the settlement funds we collect on behalf of the client.

For example, if we recover $100,000 on behalf of a client, we get a percentage of that recovery. Similarly, in the unlikely event, we cannot collect money for your case, we simply do not get paid.

If you have experience with other cases or lawyers, you may have been required to pay a retainer or pay regular bills for his or her services.

While this works for some cases, we prefer to spare our clients the stress of paying legal fees after they have already experienced an accident or injury. This allows you to relax and recover while we work on your behalf.

When taking a case, in most cases our firm takes responsibility for all the upfront costs. These costs can include:

  • Court Costs – the money charged by the Court to file a lawsuit, pay for transcripts for trial, and other various costs assessed by the Court;
  • Depositions – if we have to speak with witnesses, we must pay for someone to transcribe the deposition, travel expenses, and other fees such as meals and perhaps rental space for the interview;
  • Materials – this includes things such as postage, supplies, creation of exhibits for trials or mediation, etc.; and
  • Process Service – payment to a third party to serve official court documents to any parties we attempt to collect from.

There are other costs that may arise during a lawsuit or settlement negotiations which are not included above.

Every personal injury case is different, and the amount we collect on your behalf is never certain.

How much you are entitled to depends on the severity of the accident, the extent of your injuries, how much your lifestyle was affected, how much you lost in wages, and how negligent the other party was, among other things.

Once we have a chance to collect all the evidence and assess your bills and the manner which the accident affected your wages, we can get a sense of the amount we can collect.

Here at Piscitelli Law Firm, we have 24 years of experience in fighting personal injury cases, and want to speak with you to see how we can help. Call us today at 216-931-7000 for a confidential consultation.

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